The Top Ten List of Car Insurance

The top ten list of car insurance is as follows: Esurance – Known by the pink haired cartoon lady, Esurance has been revered as one of the best insurance companies for price and customer service. Great for drivers with clean records, the easy to use service allows customers to print their insurance from home and offers one of the best customer services available on the market, Esurance has a simple to use interface and competitive rates. Geico – Known for the quirky talking lizard, many individuals have been able to save a good deal of money on car insurance

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Although the customer satisfaction rate is not as high as that of Esurance, many have sang the praises of Geico as a competitive insurance company.

How to Find Low Cost Car Insurance

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You are looking to insure your automobile and that’s a great first step… because you are legally required to do so. Jokes aside, you should pat yourself on the back since you are taking a step that many Americans overlook, and that is not to accept overpriced car insurance. Of course, finding low cost car insurance is no easy trick, and hopefully that is where we can help. You probably remember the decision process you went through before you purchased your car. You may have read reviews by the major car magazines, read independent reviews on forums, asked your friends with previous experiences, talked to dealers, etc. The important thing is that you went out there and asked questions, and found .

Cheap Car Insurance – Geico Vs. Progressive

Every Auto insurance company claims to be the best one for you, they say that switching to them will save you hundreds of dollars a year. There are many successful insurance companies, and auto insurance is the most sought after type of insurance. So which is the best one for you? Let’s compare two of the biggest providers of cheap motor car insurance, Geico insurance, and Progressive Insurance, first a bit of history on each company. Geico Insurance Company was started back in 1936 by a husband and wife team, their original goal was to provide auto insurance to federal government employees and their families. This original business is what Geico got its name from (Government Employees Insurance Company) Geico originally only offered federal agents insurance .

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Getting a Handle on Car Insurance Terminology

The world of car insurance terminology can be an incredibly confusing yet important set of words to learn. Since there are so many different types of insurance to choose from, it’s important as a smart shopper to learn every piece of terminology possible in order to receive the proper coverage for them and their family. Not knowing which type of insurance you are required to carry can be the difference between being covered in case of an emergency and being financially responsible if the unthinkable should happen. Below is a list of important car insurance terminology and what it means to you as a buyer. Bodily Injury Liability (BI) – The coverage of other physical injuries of which you are responsible.

What are Average Car Insurance Prices?

For one year, the average car insurance prices hover around $1,566 year. Nationwide, this price is down from the $1,600 in 2008. Premium trends are a great way to gauge how much you will be paying for car insurance. Although these averages are accurate, the term ‘average car insurance prices’ is a bit of a misnomer. So many different elements go into determining the premiums for each individual, that it’s impossible to determine what each individual’s car insurance will actually cost. Depending on your demographic, driving record, age, and other different elements, the price of auto insurance will change dramatically. Here are a few elements that will determine your own average car insurance prices. Driving Record – Quite possibly the most important element of determining your.

What is My Car Insurance Policy Number?

Unique to a policy held by a certain individual once you’ve purchased coverage from the company. Used as a reference point for the policy, the number will vary in length depending on the company. Listed in their records and visible on the insurance card, the policy number is used for pulling up your records and documenting changes to your account. A car insurance policy number is also used when making a claim or if an accident occurs. If you are in an accident, you will generally supply your policy number to the other party. This is necessary for individuals involved to place a claim. State agencies such as the DMV also use your car insurance policy number to verify that you are carrying the right amout.

Geico Vs. Progressive – The Verdict

Geico and Progressive also have very famous and profitable advertising campaigns. Geico has many popular ads on the market, there is the very popular Geico gecko, the Geico slogan of “So easy a caveman could do it” that goes along with their caveman mascots. Also they have the stack of money; it’s the money you could be saving with Geico. Geico has such popular mascots that the cavemen characters actually spawned their own TV show that was very shortly lived. Progressive has their personal spokes person who works in the fictional store that represents Progressive online. There woman spokesperson explains all the ways you can save by switching the Progressive. So which is the better cheap car insurance company for you? Well Geico can offer lower

Do Car Insurance Specialists Still Exist?

“Nationwide is on your side” A famous slogan everyone has heard. Nationwide is one the largest distributor of insurance in the United States and its specialty is auto insurance. Nationwide Mutual Insurance was started in 1925 as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company in Columbus Ohio. Farm Bureau’s Insurance had to have 100 customers by law to start up and become a full time insurance company, the agents of Farm Bureau went out at got the company ten times that amount with 1000 early customers. Enter your zip code below to find the best deals on car insurance in your area! Zip Code: So from the very beginning Nationwide was on the path to success. The company started off only insuring Ohio state farmers.

Insuring a Smart Car is Mighty Cheap!

So we now know how these cars save on gas. So the big question here is how is it insuring a smart car? The answer is, well pretty good. Seeing as how it is hard to find a used Smart car right now that means you have to buy a new smart car. We should all know that car insurance is more expensive on newer cars than they are on older cars. If you didn’t know that well now you do. So a 2010 hummer will cost s pretty hefty amount on insurance, so will a new Mercedes Benz, a new 2010 Ford F-1 50, not to mention that all these cars are very big gas guzzlers, so not only will you be paying a big